Matte iris purple gem (rd03)

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Material conform si fiabil, cu pigmenti stabili de culoare. Potrivit pentru colantari integrale (sau pentru suprafete netede si curbate). Vine in 5 culori lucioase sau mate.

Grosimea filmului (mm): 14±0.5C (mat), 16C±0.5C (lucios).

Tipul filmului: Polimer multistrat de grad inalt, calandrat, cu canale de aerisire.

Culori: Winered Nebula, Ibiza Sunset, Iris Purple Gem, Peacock Green, Northern Aurora.

Seria: 190.

Adeziv: Poliacrilat bazat pe solvent.

Perioada de depozitare: 2 ani in conditiile in care este depozitat la temperaturi intre +10°C si +20°C, cu umiditatea relativa, in ambalajul original, departe de razele solare, intr-un loc curat si uscat.

Durata de viata in cazul depozitarii in mediu interior: 4 ani daca se respecta regulile depozitarii si aplicarii.

Durata de viata in cazul depozitarii in mediu exterior: 3 ani daca se respecta regulile depozitarii si aplicarii.

Aplicarea: Intre +17°C si +25°C, utilizarea: intre -55°C si +65°C.

Rigiditate/puterea de rupere: 22.7 N/10mm (media).

Dimensiuni rola/pachet/colet: Latime: 152cm, lungime: 18m, greutate: 13kg.

Mentenanta: PH neutru, evitati utilizarea de ceara si solvent.

Culorile si finisajele vazute in imagini pot varia usor fata de cele ale produsului real.


Conformable material with stable color pigments. Suitable for full car wrapping (or any other smooth or curved surface). Comes with 5 glossy or 5 matte colors.

Thickness of film (C=10 micron): 14C±0.5C (matte),16C±0.5C (glossy).

Thickness of film with release liner: 32C±0.5C.

Type of film: High grade polymeric multilayered calendared vinyl film with air release channels.

Colors: Winered Nebula, Ibiza Sunset, Iris Purple Gem, Peacock Green, Northern Aurora.

Width & Length: 1.52m*18m (59.8"* 708,6", 4.98ft*59ft, 1.66yd* 19,6yd).

Series: 190 series.

Adhesive: Solvent polyacrylate.

Adhesive performance properties: (1mil adhesive on 1mil material, bounded to stainless steel panel) 180°Peel (PSTC-101),20 minute bond – 2.2 lb/inch, 24 hour bond – 3.5 lb/inch.

Release liner: Kraft white silicone-coated, paper with double-sided polyethylene coating.

Storing period (shelf life): 2 years if stored in +10°С to +20°С, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sun light, clean and dry place.

Avg. indoor life: 4 years when followed rules of application and usage.

Avg. outdoor life: 3 years when followed rules of application and use.

Application: from +17°С to +25°С, usage from -55°С to +65°С.

Dimensional stability: shrinkage less than 3%(matte),4% (glossy).

Plastification: between 27%-35%.

Breaking Strength: 22.7 N/10mm (Average) Test Method: ASTM D3759/D3759M-057.4 N/10mm (Average).

Light Ageing in UV Exposure: Test Method: ASTM D4329-13 Cycle A & ISO 105-A02:1993/Cor.2:2005, Test result: 5
Exposure cycle: ASTM D4329-13 cycle A, Lamp type: UVA-3408h UV at (60±2.5)℃ BPT, 0.89 W/ (m2•nm)@340nm, 4h condensation at (50±2.5)℃ BPT, Exposure duration: 49h.

Recommended application tools: Squeegee, buffer, knife, masking tape, heat gun, magnets, gloves, IRR thermometer, IRR heater.

Application method: Standard methods for calendared films. No overstretching. Post heating.

Post-heating temperature: 110℃ flat surfaces, 130℃ curves and overlaps.

Cure time: 24 hours above 10℃.

Aftercare: PH neutral, Avoid wax or solvents.
The images, colors and finishes on screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product always check the color swatch.

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